Die Cast Dies


GMTM has the experience to optimize the sourcing of complete die cast tool builds as well as replacement cavities.

We are able to identify components on a project that should be built with specific offshore vendors, as well as determine if some must be built domestically due to very specific material or heat treat needs.  Complete builds can have cavities and components sourced with one vendor, while the mold base is sourced with another.

GMTM works with OEMs, die casters and independent Tool & Die shops to identify the most cost effective solutions.  This will help keep production casting work in the USA, while maximizing the domestic tooling content to ensure a continued domestic tooling capability over time.  Instead of replacing domestic tool shops by outsourcing, we partner with them to manage their overall capacity and costs.  In the long term businesses have thrived by relying on our experience and expertise in the industry.


Hybrid Tools

GMTM often builds "hybrid" tools where the cavities are built domestically and various components (mold base, carriers, locks, gibs, etc.) are built offshore.
In the process, our customers can be confident they will get the best price point while maintaining the required quality that the die casting industry requires.  Our domestic presence and capabilities allow us to address any issues that arise when assembling the hybrid tools, as well as support the project throughout a tool's life cycle.