Plastic Injection Molds


GMTM can provide a positive experience outsourcing, while keeping your tooling costs down, so production can still be in the U.S.

Outsourcing complete plastic injection molds has become the perfect way for production houses to keep their tool costs down.  The only problem is that most companies who try to go offshore for tooling end up very disappointed with what they receive.  This is due to the lack of control over what they are getting and that supplier is no longer responsible once the tool is shipped.

Why not utilize a company who has spent the time necessary to develop the best sources, insuring that the mold performs when it arrives at your plant?  And as stated before, we can make any necessary changes once the tool arrives at Dura Mold.

We are very familiar with all engineering resins.
Our partner tool shops have the capability to do molding and insert molding.  If parts are needed to satisfy the end customer, we can have them molded and shipped before shipping the tool.  This also allows for any changes that might need to be made before shipping or that can be done once arriving at Dura Mold.